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Pool safety and your children

by: David Vogel on

(NC)-Swimming pools are great ways to have fun and relax - but make sure you follow a few basic safety tips to make your leisure time as safe as possible this summer. And keep in mind - adult supervision is essential at all times when children are using a pool. Keep a cordless phone or cell phone nearby while the pool is in use for emergencies. If you need to leave the pool area, make sure another adult is present to supervise young bathers. When the pool is not being used, make sure it is covered by a safety cover. When the pool is uncovered, it can be a tempting playground for children. For added safety, keep pool toys out of the water when not being used and store them out of sight. Never leave toys on the deck or leave a table or chairs near a pool fence that could allow a child to climb over into the pool area. Make sure you have a clear, unobstructed view of the pool from inside the house and never allow horseplay or roughhousing (dunking, pushing or throwing someone into the pool) or playful screaming for help that could mask a real emergency. Enclose your yard with a permanent fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate and install a portable mesh fence around the immediate pool perimeter to keep children out of the pool once they are in the backyard. All doors leading from the house to the pool should also have a self-latching, self-closing mechanism and all windows should have window locks installed to prevent a child from climbing through. More pool and hot tub safety information can be found online at or toll-free at 1-800-879-7066. Credit:

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