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Pozzolan - A valuable addition to your swimming pool plaster

by: David Vogel on

Pozzolan additives to swimming pool plaster is an economical upgrade for improved swimming pool surface life and appearance. C & R Pool Plaster encourages our homeowners to give serious consideration to adding pozzolans. The main benefits are:

  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Appearance
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
Swimming pools and fountains must perform under some of the toughest conditions imaginable: constant exposure to water, harsh pool and cleaning chemicals, freeze-thaw conditions, and the critical eye of fussy owners. That's why Engelhard offers a way to make pools better by improving the plaster - so pool plasters are easier to apply, meet the challenges of their environment, and maintain their appearance and smooth surface for years longer. Color changes, surface imperfections, and areas of weakness in plaster can result when lime, created as an undesirable byproduct of cement hydration, leaches from the hardened plaster. But MetaMax® PA high quality pozzolanic plaster additive is uniquely engineered to react with lime to form additional cementitious products, resulting in a more durable plaster finish. In addition, MetaMax PA produces a plaster with a creamy texture, improving the plaster's trowel ability and making it easier to apply and finish. Over the past decade and in more than 40,000 swimming pools, results show that MetaMax PA reduces permeability of portland cement-based plasters and improves the surface appearance of hardened plaster. Its white color is perfect for architectural applications, white and colored plaster, and exposed aggregate finishes.
Improve Appearance Improve Performance Improve Customer Satisfaction
Maintain high whiteness Improve aggregate bonding Smoother surface finish to touch
Create more vibrant colors Increase chemical resistance Lower alkalinity in pool start-up water
Reduce spot etching Reduce permeability Resistant to staining and discoloration
Reduce cracking Increase strength Easier long-term maintenance
Reduce mottling Reduce alkali silica reactivity
Reduce efflorescence Less shrinkage cracking
Reduce color pigment “fade”

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