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Swimming Pool Remodel - Citrus Heights-Gemstone Pebble Finish

by: David Vogel on

Pool remodel job for a Citrus Heights homeowner.

  • Removed old and non-functioning pool spa.
  • Eliminated spa dam wall
  • Removed and replaced waterline pool tile.
  • Replaced pool light fixture
  • Installed new pool light.
  • Replastered swimming pool with Gemstone Obsidian Exposed Aggregate Pool Plaster
Many swimming pool contractors in the Sacramento region have provided Sacramento homeowners over the years with swimming pool/spa combinations. While at the time this option sounded great to homeowners, this type of spa was the "Poor Man's Spa." Yes, we know we might ruffle some feathers, but truth be told, not one swimming pool contractor would put this in their backyard. Why? These spas are horribly energy inefficient and therapeutically lacking. The design of this spa is usually done with the addition of a spa dam wall. The spa is operated by an oversized pool pump, which whether you are in the spa or not, you are using a large amount of energy to filter your pool 365 days a year. And, these spas were usually controlled manually. In contrast, a well designed spa has an automated control system, a separate pump for the jets and the jets were looped meaning the pressure output of the jets were equal. Unlike the "Poor Man's Spa," where the jets are in a straight line, the first jet had the most pressure and the last jet had little pressure. Take a look at the photos below to see how we converted an inefficient spa to a Caribbean shelf, great for the grand-kids and relaxing in a chair for you to sip on a margarita :) [nggallery id=13]

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