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Gemstone™ Palette

by: David Vogel on

All Gemstone™ surfaces feature small, smooth pebbles and other materials on the pool surface that create a rich texture, endless color combinations and years of reliable service. The pebbles used in Gemstone™ products are delicately smoothed by nature, giving the surface a textured finish. Because these pebbles can be combined to create a wide array of colors, Gemstone™ finishes are extremely versatile and can be used in a broad range of aesthetic designs.   [nggallery id=2] All colors available in the standard Gemstone™ Palette and Gemstone™ Designer Series, are now available in the exclusive Gemstone™ Sandstone Series of high quality swimming pool and spa finishes. These surfaces are specifically blended using a smaller and smoother pebble size for the specific purpose of creating a flatter texture and feel. The Gemstone™ Designer Series features all of the same quality Gemstone™ composition and aesthetic appeal found in our wide range of finish options. The Designer Seriesis a true innovation in pool finishes found only in the Gemstone™ product line. Gemstone™Smooth Polished is an innovative pool finish that contains natural aggregates sourced from the most exotic locations around the globe. These natural stones and crushed sea shells provide you with a surface that is sure to inspire awe from all who see it. The jewel tones and natural materials are an exotic mix of sophistication that will take your pool design to a whole new level. Natural aggregates provide both beauty and durability, resisting fading that can compromise the aesthetics of these materials. During installation, the pool surface is polished to enhance the natural beauty of these aggregates. Most colors in the Gemstone™ Smooth Polished Pool Finishes also contain 100% mineral-based pigments that have been developed exclusively for Gemstone™ products. Mineral Pigments are extremely stable and resistant to the degradation and fading that can be caused by harmful ultraviolet rays. To learn more about Gemstone™ Palette, Gemstone™ Designer Series, Gemstone™ Sandstone Series, Gemstone™ Smooth Polished series products visit:

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