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River Rok® Nature's Collection Pool Plaster

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Blend the wonder of Nature Into Every Pool Design

RiverRok Swimming Pool PlasterRiver Rok® is an advanced revolutionary interior pool finish. From a study of exposed stones on various surfaces in extreme climates, the idea was born to provide a tougher, time resistant surface for pool interiors. River Rok® Nature’s Collection is blended with premium natural stones to resemble nature in all her splendor. our unique process retains tis original finish even after years of exposure to nature’s elements. It’s the result of rapid advances in pool coating technology.

Unique Application

River Rok®'s pre-selected stones are naturally tumbled for a smooth and comfortable finish. SGM;s computerized pre-blending process gives your pool interior the most consistent finish available today. The specially formulated cement and proprietary ingredients used in River Rok® not only allows it to be applied in one day - saving on installation costs, but it results in River Rock being virtually the most durable interior pool finish available today.


River Rok® strives to be the industry standard for quality. Our special process and materials are available only through licensed and trained contractors. Each contractor is meticulously screened, trained and certified by SGM. Contractors receive comprehensive training coupled with on-going industry education.

River Rok® is much more than a time-resistant durable pool surface...

It can combine effortlessly any pool-scape with the pool’s interior. It blends waterfalls and boulders and creates a natural elegance. The natural luminescence of River Rok® has a spectacular effect on the color spectrum as sunlight grows and fades throughout the day.

Infinite Design Potentials...

Replace steps with gentle slopes...transform pool lines into contoured designs...River Rok® offers you visual diversity however your dream it.


Well suited for the private swimming pool. River Rok® is also crafted perfectly for commercial standards. Simple maintenance, Rigid surfaces and Time-Resistant features fulfill commercial criteria’s.


River Rok® also offers a premium collection of individual colors to suit the most demanding palates. This collection of finishes will elevate your creative designs into memorable impressions. Resurfacing existing pools can be accomplished elegantly with an array of River Rok® hues. Highlighting your pool with premium, dynamic surfaces is the perfect solution for reinvigorating your existing swimming pool. River Rok® gives you the alternative to traditional tiling. Preserve your pool original character or rejuvenate it into a natural state.

Lucayan Blue River Rok Pool Plaster

Lucayan Blue Clear Soothing Renewal Fluid Crystalline
Emerald Black River Rok Pool Plaster Emerald Black Invigorating Regal Exhilaration Enlightening
Calm Sea River Rok Pool Plaster Calm Sea Inviting Robust Sensual Balmy Relief
Granite River Rok Pool Plaster Granite Mysterious Pensive Refined Character
Imperial White River Rok Pool Plaster Imperial White Classic Sparing Lithe
Pebble Beach River Rok Pool Plaster Pebble Beach Calm Sanctity Retreat Universal
RiverRok®uses a unique manufacturing process that gives pool interiors consistent colors throughout application. Unlike other processes, RiverRok®is premixed at the factory. The style you choose remains consistent without variations during the application. RiverRok®uses natural stones that are meticulously selected and tested for consistency, texture and superiority. Our devotion to excellence means River Rok is constantly striving to advance pool interior quality to give you a life time of style and excellence.

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