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Silicone Shield - Increase the Life of Your New Swimming Pool Plaster

by: David Vogel on


People who install pools professionally will tell the secret to a great-looking long-lasting swimming pool lies in the quality of the plaster finish. Brilliant white, silky smooth pool plaster is absolutely beautiful when it is new. However, over the years, your beautiful pool plaster will etch and corrode, unless it's protected with SILICONE SHIELD. SILICONE SHIELD is the most effective system you can buy to protect your valuable investment . In recent years, the study of cement-based pool plaster materials has yielded some significant improvements - none more significant the the SILICONE SHIELD plaster additive. The SILICONE SHIELD modified plaster mix is a patented formula that is out performing all other pool finishes. On the market for 10 years, today SILICONE SHIELD plaster is the recognized leader in swimming pool finishes.

How Silicone Shield Works

Silicone Shield Swimming Pool Plaster SILICONE SHIELD preserves the natural beauty of new pool plaster finishes. As pool finishes without SILICONE SHIELD age, discolor and etch, the difference in a SILICONE SHIELD pool is truly amazingSilicone Shield Protect Your Swimming Pool Investement SILICONE SHIELD is a proprietary blend of silicone treated mineral powers that is added at the jobsite to an-industry-standard cement-based plaster mix. A plaster mix of White Type I Portland cement, marble aggregate and SILICONE SHIELD forms an impenetrable surface that is far more resilient than other mix designs to both the erosive and corrosive effects of swimming pool water.Swimming Pools Without Silicone Shield Silicone is a natural deterrent to bacteria and algae growth reducing long term plaster staining. The test pool shown is one year old. It was drained and photograph to evaluate the performance of the Silicone Shield modified sections of the pool. The pool was divided into four sections and plastered the same day using two types of Type I White Portland Cement and two types of industry standard white aggregate. Silicone Shield was added to the mixes in sections three and four. The pool was filled with water and used for one year. The pool water was closely monitored. The water's chemical balance was kept within APSP Standards, by a professional pool service company.

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